Computation & simulation

We modify and verify. Buzzword: optimum.


Continuous investigation accompanies the entire development process.

Layout. In the system structure, we define gear ratios, determine the required variator properties and select the variators.

Load spectrum. We determine the loads occurring in the transmission and compute the unspecified load spectrum.

Dimensioning. The design determines the dimensions of important elements such as gear teeth and roller bearings, and the required installation space – axle distances, gear tooth width and count, modules, etc.

Analysis. In the course of developing the design, the transmission becomes more and more detailed – e.g., bearing systems, roller bearing dimensions, shaft strength, connectors.

Precision design. Gear meshing corrections optimize the load capacity and smoothness. We compute the predicted lifetime of all transmission components and the overall system in relation to the anticipated load spectrum.

Realization and verification. After testing and the results of test rig runs, the precomputed operational conditions, properties and prognoses are verified. Methods, assumptions and influences to be considered are continuously improved and refined.

Knowledge and tools

Our staff is trained in mechanical engineering and related disciplines with emphasis on mechanics and mathematics.

Our tools

KISSsoft 03/2014 for the design, calculation review and optimization of machine elements such as gears, planetary drives, shaft/bearing systems, springs and screw connections.

KISSsys 03/2014 for modeling complete transmission systems, for calculation review of VTP and VPD transmissions in various sizes and application domains, for cross-component analyses such as determining optimized gearing correction.

VTP program for selection of suitable variator elements (hydropump, hydromotor, compact unit, generator, electric motor, etc.) and for documentation and behavior of important system parameters such as rotational speed and torque conversion, power and efficiency; software developed by VDS for computational analysis of the operational ranges of a VTP transmission.

VDS calculation templates for sizing of individual machine elements on the basis of MS Excel, for calculation review of variator transmission systems and for sizing and calculation review of individual machine elements such as multiple disc clutches; developed by VDS and standardized partially with consideration of verified study results. 

Figure: Analysis process



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