Control software

We model and cooperate. Buzzword: software.

unconventional & professional

Model. VDS Software development introduces model-based design already in a very early project phase. Development progresses in close cooperation with our departments for calculation and testing.

Practice. The theoretical aspect during the simulation phase is complemented by practical application on the testing rig and in the vehicle. Software acceptance tests round out the project. The collaboration of all disciplines results in unconventional approaches and complete solutions.  


Hard facts about software

Our staff members in the area of control systems have technical training in the disciplines electrical engineering, mechatronics and software development. They employ high-quality programs by renowned vendors.

Our tools

Matlab Simulink, Simmechanics by Mathworks                
CANApe by Vector Informatics                         
P8 by ePlan                                                                                                    
Bodas Service by Bosch

Figure: Usual VDS software workflow



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