Testing – measurement – trial

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Technical validation

Testing. Every transmission designed at VDS is subjected to technical testing and validation. The parts specified in the design department are acquired by VDS or by the customer, then assembled at VDS and documented in the transmission passport along with the results of functional tests, continuous operation tests and vehicle tests.

From the load spectrum to the design

Measurement. Collection of measurement data is a core activity at VDS. Mobile measurement systems record real measurement data in vehicles and machines and later determine the test rig configuration. Then our measurement technology monitors the test runs.

Break-in under continuous operation

Trial. Functional testing examines functional requirements such as hydraulic oil supply for a transmission, lubrication distribution, intake behavior and tilt effects.
Under continuous operation, components are tested in static and dynamic tests against their service life requirements. In the vehicle test the transmission functions are evaluated via measurement and improvements are fed back into new software versions.

Our staff members in testing and measurement are trained in mechatronics and mechanical engineering. They have years of experience in technical trials and optimization of stepless drives for agricultural and construction machinery.

Our tools:

  • imc CS-7008-1
  • temperature measurement modules
  • imc FAMOS signal processing

Measurable parameters:

  • expansion with strain gauges
  • power
  • torque
  • power
  • path
  • acceleration
  • speed
  • vibration frequency
  • etc.

DMS application

Integration temperature sensor



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