Detailed specification

We refine the design. Buzzword: precision


Precision design – precision down to details: the design attributes

We precisely analyze the resulting transmission design. We determine component loads and compensate for expected effects on deviations and deformations with appropriate measures – e.g., by correcting the gear meshing microgeometry.

Figure: Gear Contact Pressure

Detailed engineering – precision down to details: the documentation

Further development and refinement of the developed concept encompasses all specifications, including those across different fields. Comprehensive documentation of all mechanical, hydraulic and electric components serves as the foundation for acquisition, production and assembly of all components of the transmission.

Hydraulic design of overall transmission system

Figure: Transmission assembly drawing

Software development – precision down to details: from the model to the software

The entire drive train is mapped onto a plant model (model-based design) and complemented with transmission and speed control. After simulation in specific test cases in order to test the control functionality, we derive the actual software application from these models.

Figure: Primary function blocks of model-based software development (Matlab model)


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