Functional prototype

We document precisely. Buzzword: functionality


Supplier selection – the right partner

Short delivery times, on-time delivery, and variable piece counts: Acquisition of transmission parts is subject to a variety of requirements. Whether for prototypes or economical, production-ready processes, our experience facilitates the selection of the right suppliers and optimizes production costs.

Parts acquisition – from the prototype to series production

On-time deliveries ensure the progress of your project and avoid additional costs due to delays. Our know-how in the production of prototypes safeguards series assembly.

Figure: Sourcing of transmission parts

Quality assurance – Prime example of quality

Part for part, we clarify the quality requirements with regard to material, heat treatment, surface quality, component tolerance, etc. and use these specifications to ensure adherence to the required criteria. Our knowledge concerning relevant quality criteria and the production processes of all transmission parts, in combination with a corresponding choice of suppliers, enables cost-effective orientation of the necessary quality assurance measures.

Figure: Quality Assurance (e.g. Gears)

Assembly – a passport for all cases

VDS documents the assembly of transmissions and transmission components with transmission passports: The assembled parts are identified uniquely with part numbers and quality attributes along with any individual data such as axial play and clearance. After disassembly for inspection purposes, the results and changes in parts are protocolled. The transmission passport documents all inspection steps and the results clearly at a glance.

Several parts

Assembly group

Axial clearance measurement

Figure: Several Parts

Functional test – test rig before field test

Transmissions assembled by VDS are subjected to precise functional testing. We conduct the following tests:
  • assurance of oil intake and oil supply
  • lubrication tests incl. short run and disassembly for inspection
  • drag torque and efficiency measurements
  • software development for transmission and vehicle controls on a test rig
  • tilt tests
  • cold condition tests

Tilt test

Figure: Cold condition functional tests


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