Transition to series production

We stay on the ball. Buzzword: optimization


System optimization – attention to detail

What results has validation brought? For transition to series production, the transmission is rigorously optimized further – with much attention to detail. Often changes with little cost and effort – e.g., modifications in the oil system – can open potential for increasing the load capacity, thermal stability and ease of maintenance.

Figure: Ease of maintenance

Product costs – a view to production

Already in the development phase, we pay attention to keeping costs down. Due to our experience, VDS has cooperating suppliers for prototype construction or series application, for small or large piece counts, and these suppliers are involved already in the concept phase.

End of line – last check before start

Have all quality requirements been met? At the end-of-the-line test bench, we employ relevant functionality and customer-specific peripheral devices and can quickly make adjustments.

The scope of these tests:
  • automated filling of operating materials
  • cleaning / rinsing
  • measurement of drag torque
  • calibration of actuators
  • compilation of test protocol
  • storage of measurement data on server

Figure: GUI test rig

Start of series production – Support and practical testing

VDS supports its customers in launching their series production. We train assembly personnel, jointly assess and evaluate deviations in production, and plan measures to implement and ensure product quality.


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