Welcome to VDS

We define processes holistically.

VDS stands for ideas
    and for accurate realization from the design on to the transition to series production

VDS stands for performance
    from the power of a drive system to overall driveline efficiency

VDS stands for profitability
    from system efficiency to optimized cost structures

VDS stands for quality

    from supplier selection to functionality testing and field testing

VDS performance thinking for complete solutions


Layout / Package

  • Specification
  • Dimensioning
  • System layout
  • Overall architecture

Detailed design

  • Detailed specification
  • Detailed design
  • Software development
  • Calculation & evaluation

Functional prototype

  • Supplier selection
  • Components sourcing
  • Quality assurance
  • Assembly
  • Functional tests


  • Endurance test run
  • Vehicle integration
  • Software application
  • Field testing

Transition to series production

  • System optimization
  • Product cost optimization
  • End-of-line testing
  • Support for serial production

Product management

  • Product strategy
  • Requirement profiles
  • Market launch
  • Product improvement



VDS starts e-Mobility

VDS offers solutions for various applications and the change to e-Mobility.


Tractor of the year 2018

Finalist equipped with VDS-Transmission


Tractor of the year 2014

VDS-Transmission VTP450 in the Tractor of the year 2014:  AEBI Viatrac VT450


AEBI VT450 Vario

First continously variable transporter in the world - AEBI VT450 Vario equipped with VTP - gearing


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