New VDS Company Structure

We have split up our activities into business units: VDS Getriebe GmbH covering "Development & Engineering" and VDS Driveline GmbH covering "Series Delivery of Parts, Assemblies and Transmissions".

corporate structure

The since 10 years well-known company VDS Getriebe GmbH will remain focused on engineering services and on development of transmissions and complete driveline systems.

The new company VDS Driveline GmbH concentrates on the production of our products. The focus is on assembly and delivery requirements up to 500 units per year and more. In this way, we want to create a further basis in order to be able to offer our customers a successful cooperation over many years.


We kindly ask you to continue the successful and trustful cooperation also within this new company structure. The CEO of the new company, Gerhard Hörmann, would like to thank you very much in advance!





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