Simply electric - Buzzword: eMobility.



On the rise

The motivation. VDS is setting new innovative standards - with our entry into the eMobility world, our experienced team once again underlines its claim to leadership.

eGB - Reduction Gearbox electric. The starting point is always the high E-motor speed and the gap to the required input speed at the drive axles. We are talking about more than 7.000 rpm at the motor shaft.

The eGB series of VDS closes the gap between these two contradictory realities - the reduction gears available today cover transmission ranges from 2.1 to 3.1 and input torques from 450 Nm to 1.100 Nm. Further developments are ongoing.

The low weight of the VDS transmission - only 42 kg to 57 kg - underlines in addition the obvious features such as lowest noise, integrated safety brake, wear-free and easy maintenance, with life expectancies that go well beyond those of the vehicle.

eAD - Axle Drive electric. The starting point is the high E-motor speed and the gap to the required speed on the drive wheels themselves, so the challenge is again significantly expanded by the axle differential. The motor shaft rotates here even over 12.000 rpm, thus providing another task that needs to be solved.

The eAD series of VDS gives all the answers here. The axle drives already available today cover transmission ranges from 12.5 to 24.8 and input torques from 100 Nm to 340 Nm. Further developments are ongoing.

Operating weights of 49 kg to 58 kg at the moment confirm the lightweight design. We have also integrated a differential module into this series. Thus, the most important functions between E-machine and drive wheels are available in a single compact and highly efficient unit.

The advantages and features of the eGB series (lowest noise level, integrated safety brake, no wear and simple maintenance, maximum service life expectancy...) were also ensured by the VDS team here.

The advantages.

The innovative solutions of the VDS e-drives series offer customers and vehicle users a whole series of technical and economic advantages:

First of all, this is due to the outstanding energy efficiency - minimal contact points on the components with the lowest friction torque, highly efficient minimum quantity lubrication, state-of-the-art low-friction gear oils and bearing of the shafts in extremely smooth-running tapered roller bearings from the market leader - all underline the benchmark demand of these VDS products.

Maximum weight advantages are ensured by our engineers with robust but minimum wall thicknesses on the housing parts, targeted calculation-based ribbing, slim design of the gears, hollow shaft design and optimum material selection for cast iron and steel.

On the one hand, we achieve the minimum noise level of the e-drives series by means of ground gears with high overlap, as well as virtually friction-free bearings and, secondly, the design of the gearboxes.

The subject of functional safety in operation is also on top of the list of priorities at VDS, so we also offer an integrated safety brake in our gearbox solutions upon customer request.

Last but not least, we offer our customers really a complete module with the eAD transmission series, which covers all the challenges between e-motor and drive wheels.

The outstanding service friendliness of VDS transmissions provides the right answer to the reality of driving - who guarantees 100% regular transmission oil changes? - so our products not only have excellent emergency running properties, the maintenance intervals are set generously.

Last but not least, VDS e-drives have been successfully subjected to extensive and long functional and life-time tests under the highest load profiles, giving customers maximum security.

Technical description

Emission-free for the future - lightweight, robust, reliable

e-drives with perfection

The eGB and eAD transmission series cover a wide range of requirements with regard to input speeds, input powers and torques, as well as gear ratios and output speeds.

Additionally the eAD series includes an integrated differential unit, which can be equipped with a disabling function if needed.

The transmission design is perfect designed in terms of robustness and functionality, in addition to a multifunctional main body, the end cover forms the entire outer unit. The housing material was consciously made of high-quality cast aluminium to withstand the enormous loads during driving. High-quality hardened steel is found inside the gearboxes, with the ground-cut gears featuring a particularly high level of coverage, to reduce acoustic emissions to a minimum.

Figure: eAD transmission

eGB650 - Reduction Gearbox electric

  rated max.
Input speed 3000 rpm 7500 rpm
Input torque 450 Nm 650 Nm
Input power 140 kW 160 kW
Transmission ratio 2,1
Dry weight 42 kg

eGB1100 - Reduction Gearbox electric

  rated max.
Input speed 2400 rpm 7500 rpm
Input torque 650 Nm 1100 Nm
Input power 160 kW 240 kW
Transmission ratio 3,1
Dry weight 57 kg

eAD200 - Axle Drive electric

  rated max.
Input speed 6000 rpm 12500 rpm
Input torque 100 Nm 200 Nm
Input power 60 kW 90 kW
Transmission ratio 24,8 / 30,1
Dry weight 58 kg

eAD350 - Axle Drive electric

  rated max.
Input speed 5000 rpm 11500 rpm
Input torque 150 Nm 340 Nm
Input power 80 kW 125 kW
Transmission ratio 12,5 / 18,4
Dry weight 49 kg


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