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VDS Getriebe GmbH is an international high-tech company and is engaged in the development and production of innovative drive systems

VDS Getriebe GmbH

Who we are

VDS is a high-tech company based in Wolfern in Upper Austria. The company specialises in the development and production of innovative drive systems for working machines, municipal applications, construction machinery and high-terrain vehicles.

The engineering services range from concept development to series transfer and series production. At the customer’s request, complete drive systems for special applications and requirements are planned and implemented.



What we can do


Planning and prototyping


Mass production


Municipal vehicles


Off-road vehicles


Own products


Looking for

From the idea to the series production: VDS Getriebe GmbH.

Here we define all of our processes completley. Our range of services extends from system design to series transfer, as well as the development and coordination of software for transmission and vehicle control.

We combine passion with innovation, creative spirit and technology

We develop continuous transmissions and hybrid drive systems with hydrostatic-mechanical or electrical-mechanical power branching up to series production and produce for niche applications.

We serve our customers worldwide.

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Six benefits. One mission.

VDS is your partner in the entire creative cycle. The planning to the serial production of the CVT/IVT continuous transmission is all involved.



100 x eAD160

Am 16.05.2022 war es soweit. Das hundertste Getriebe eAD160 wurde fertig gestellt und mit allem aus dem Team gefeiert.

100 transmission eAD160

On May 16th, 2022 the time had come. The hundredth eAD160 was produced and together with all members from the team we celebrated this special day.


Quellenangabe: https://www.pfanzelt.com/de/pfanzelt-in-der-presse/o-p-fluidtechnik-mobile-maschinen-cvt-getriebe/



VDS – also establishes itself as a supplier for transmissions

Wolfern:The high-tech specialist for stepless drive technology from Upper Austria is ready for the jump to the next league – now also as a manufacturer of highly innovative and compact stepless transmissions for a wide variety of vehicle types, one is consistently...

VDS Getriebe – Where challenges begin VDS will take you further

Unser neues Image Video zu Land Rover Defender/Toyota Land Cruiser

Interview: the future lies in hybrid systems

Interview with CEO Dipl.-Ing Heinz Aitzetmüller in the ATZ (Automobiltechnische Zeitschreift) on CTV/ITV transmissions and power splitters

Image film VDS Gearbox

Innovation is the driver of our company, without innovation this company would not exist and without innovation we would not have any justification in the engineering market.

AEBI VT450 Vario

The world's first transporter with continuous variable gear: AEBI VT450 Vario equipped with VTP transmissionAebi VT450 Vario, transporter with CTV/ITV transmission Articles on landwirt.comAebi Professional - closes the gaps to perfection. Download Product Folder

Experience and innovation

“Our company is driven from innovation.  Without it we lose any justification in the engineering market and our high-tech products  could not exist. We are “hidden champions” and we would like to stay there with conviction.”

Heinz Aitzetmüller

CEO VDS Getriebe GmbH