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VDS Getriebe GmbH is an international high-tech company and deals with
the development and production of innovative drive systems

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From the idea to series production: VDS Getriebe GmbH

Here we define processes holistically. Our range of services extends from system design to series transfer, as well as the development and coordination of software for transmission and vehicle control.

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VDS is a global high-tech company based in Wolfern, Upper Austria, which specializes in the development and production of innovative drive systems for work machines, municipal applications, construction machinery and off-road vehicles.

The engineering services for transmission range from concept development to series transfer and series production. At the customer’s request, complete drive systems for special applications and requirements are planned and implemented.

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We combine joy with creativity and technology with creativity.
We develop stepless transmissions and hybrid drive systems with hydrostatic-mechanical or electrical-mechanical power branching up to series production and produce for niche applications.

We serve our customers worldwide.



Rated input power: 180 kW (240 hp)
Rated input speed: 2100 rpm
Max input torque: 1100 Nm
Max axle torque: 110 kNm
Wheel speed : -/+ -85 rpm / +155 rpm
Rear axle ratio: 30,266
Lift capacity: 11 t
Tractor GVW: 14 t

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Rated input power: 400 kW (550 hp)
Rated input speed: 1700 rpm
Max input torque: 2650 Nm
Max output torque: 6650 Nm
Dry weight: 1740 kg

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Rated input power: 110 – 125 kW (150 – 170 hp)
Rated input speed: up to 3600 rpm
Rated input torque: 500 Nm
Max output torque: 2600 Nm

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Rated input power: 250 kW (340 hp)
Rated input speed: 1900 rpm
Max input torque: 1400 Nm
Max axle torque: 150 kNm
Control unit: Bosch RC30
Electronic interface: CAN-J1939
Differential lock: friction disks
PTO speeds: 540 / 540E / 1000
Lift capacity: 12.5 t
Tractor GVW: 18 t

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VDS Product Number: 1750-01-900
Rated input power: 300 kW (408 hp)
Rated input speed: 2000 rpm to 2300 rpm
Max input torque: 1750 Nm / 2100 Nm
Max output torque: 8800 Nm
Dry weight: 490 kg

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Rated input power: 200 kW (270 hp)
Rated input speed : 2600 rpm
Rated input torque: 800 Nm
Transmission ratios: 2.23 to 1.01
PTO ratio: i = 0.71
PTO power: 100 kW (136 hp)

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Maximum input power: 90 kW
Maximum input speed: 12800 rpm
Maximum input torque: 160 Nm
Continuous input power: 60 kW
Continuous input torque: 95 Nm
Dry weight: 70 kg

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VDS Getriebe offers a wide range of continuously variable transmissions for agricultural machinery, municipal vehicles and off-road vehicles. Get an overview and download our new brochure to your computer.

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VDS is your partner over the entire creative cycle from the planning to the serial production of CVT/IVT continuously driven.

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“Innovation is the driver of our company, without innovation we wouldn’t have any justification in the engineering market and our products wouldn’t be high-tech either. We are “hidden champions” and we do so with conviction.”

Heinz Aitzetmüller

CEO VDS Getriebe GmbH


Gewerbepark 6
4493 Wolfern | Austria

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