Product: Axle gearbox electric

The starting point is the high e-machine speed and the gap to the required speed on the drive wheels themselves, so the challenge is again significantly extended by the axle differential. The motor shaft even rotates over 12,000 rpm, thus setting another task that needs to be solved.

The eAD series of VDS gives all the answers here. The axle transmissions already available today cover transmission ranges from 12.5 to 24.8 and input torques from 100 Nm to 340 Nm. Further developments are ongoing.

Operating weights from 49 kg to currently 58 kg confirm the lightweight claim. We have also integrated a differential module into this series. This means that the most important functions between the electric machine and the drive wheels are available in a single compact and highly efficient unit.

The VDS team was able to ensure the advantages and features of the eGB series (lowest noise generation, integrated safety brake, wear-free and simplest maintenance, highest service life expectations …).

eAD Axle Drives electric

Product Input Power Applications
eAD200 up to 90 kW Street sweeper, minibus
eAD350 up to 125 kW Minibus

eAD200 Axle gearbox electric

Nominal value Maximum
Input speed 6000 rpm 12500 rpm
Input torque 100 Nm 200 Nm
Inputpower 60 kW 90 kW
Transmission ratio 24,8 / 30,1
Dry weight 58 kg

eAD350 – Axle gearbox electric

Nominal value Maximum
Input speed 5000 rpm 11500 rpm
Input torque 150 Nm 340 Nm
Inputpower 80 kW 125 kW
Transmission ratio 12,5 / 18,4
Dry weight 49 kg
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