the idea alone is not enough! We modify and verify. Keyword: Optimum

3D model

2D production drawings

FE Calculations

Gearing calculations and tolerances

Electric plan

Lubrication circuit

Cooling concept

Assembly sequence

Control Systems – Software

We model and program. Keyword: Artificial intelligence

unconventional & professional

Model. With the model-based design, VDS software development starts at a very early project phase (simulation). The development is carried out in close cooperation with the departments Of Design, Calculation and Trial/Testing.

Practice. The theoretical part during the simulation phase is supplemented by practical use on the test bench and in the vehicle. Software acceptance tests mark the completion of the project. The interaction of all disciplines enables unconventional approaches and perfect functionality, as well as enormous efficiency in terms of time and quality of results.


Hardfacts about software

Our employees in the field of control systems, all trained in the disciplines of electrical engineering, mechatronics and software development, are characterized by professional training, creative spirit, creativity and boundless enthusiasm for the task. They use high-quality programs from well-known manufacturers. Loyalty, highest motivation, broad competence and unconditional team spirit complete the profiles. Through it, VDS promises TOP results and satisfied customers.


Our tools

Matlab Simulink, Simmechanics by Mathworks
CANApe by Vector Informatics
P8 by ePlan
Bodas Service from Bosch

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