Mass production

Series production is extremely important to us, so that in 2018 we founded VDS Driveline GmbH specifically for this purpose, in order to respond fully to the needs of our customers through our own company structure. We specialize in small and medium production volumes of transmissions and transmission components, pumps and many other assemblies around the drive system.

For us, the motto is “Everything and more from a single source”: from conception to production, so our know-how constantly flows back into planning from practice and thus forms the cycle of continuous further development: high-tech from Wolfern, quality from the beginning to the lifelong satisfaction.

Series production own products

You want to free your success from chance?

In addition to engineering and manufacturing services for its partners, VDS also offers its own patented transmission solutions at the highest level. We have packed all our knowledge into the development of high-tech transmissions with which ALL requirements for infinitemobility are guaranteed to be met.

“Your wish is our determination”

CVT/IVT gearboxes, power packs (motor+gearboxes), power dividers, functional units and gearboxes for e-mobility: Take a look at our product range before you start your own development. Maybe we already have the right one for you, and what doesn’t fit is made suitable for you. If others say it’s not possible, then VDS did it.

Relive VDS high-tech.


Serial production as outsourcing partner

Are you looking for a partner who produces and supplies tailor-made transmission solutions for you? VDS Driveline GmbH stands for costumized solutions, production, sales and life-time service.

Our motto is “you dream it – we create it for you”.

Every tooth grips, every shaft has its bearing, and every bearing is well oiled. Everything combines under one roof with stiff lightweight housings and optimized moment transmission.

Although we have not yet been able to realize the Perpetuum Mobile, we have been able to achieve a loss-free energy flow through the drive system. The torque comes out where you need it to the full transmission strength.

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