Product: Variable Power Divider (VPD)

Independent tempo – keyword VPD. Variable Power Divider.

Each performance class is a class of its own.
Keyword: challenge.

The VPD transmission is ideal for municipal applications and sweeping and cleaning vehicles, where the use of equipment in combination with controlled driving is a particular challenge. Other special vehicles and applications are available when the following challenges arise:

  • Maximum available power for the equipment
  • Driving speed infinitely adjustable regardless of engine speed and equipment drive
  • Or you previously had to buy vehicles with 2 internal combustion engines and want one with only one engine


Then our solution is “VPD”


The motive.
Speedometer, speed, clutch, circuit. With conventional gearboxes, the travel speed, gear level and engine speed are coupled. We were looking for solutions to adjust the speed without taking into account the speed – and switched quickly: VPD. Transforms gear-shifted drives into a stepless system.

The principle.
VPD is a hydrostatic mechanical power branching gearbox. It is installed between the combustion engine and conventional manual or automatic transmission and splits the drive power to ancillary downforce and traction drive.

The secondary output can be coupled to the speed of the input shaft via a switchable coupling. While the downforce to the transmission in the overlay system – infinitely variable and without wear losses – is adjusted by friction clutches.

The advantage.
VPD drivers can adjust their driving speed anytime and immediately, regardless of engine speed. The ideal solution for municipal and cleaning vehicles, airport fire trucks as well as many other special vehicles and applications.

VPD product family


Crash Truck

VPD2500. Designed for use in municipal and cleaning vehicles. Available in sandwich or direct assembly configuration.

VPD 2500 – sweeper

Rated speed input 2600 rpm
Max. Input torque 800 Nm
Rated power input 180 kW
Gear transmission ratio 2.23 to 1.01
PTO ratio 0,71
PTO Power 120 kW
Motor flange SAE 3
Gearbox flange (direct assembly) SAE 3

Designed for use in airport fire trucks (crash trucks or ARFF vehicles)

VPD 4000 – Crash Truck

Rated speed input 2100 rpm
Max. Input torque 3200 Nm
Rated power input 600 kW
Gear transmission ratio 1,8 bis 0,71
PTO ratio 0,49
PTO Power 300 kW
Motor flange SAE 1
Gearbox flange (direct assembly) SAE 1

VPD Variable Power Divider

Independent speed

Technical description

Special solution for specific challenges.

Functional description of the VPD power branching gearbox.

Core principle. The speed ratio between the gearbox input and the gearbox output shaft can be infinitely adjusted within defined spreads via a planetary gearbox. Thanks to this function, a conventional drivetrain with stepped translations is transformed into a stepless drive train.

The operating principle of the VPD power overlay in pictures:

Operational mode. The VPD gearbox basically distinguishes between two function modes:

Mode1: “Normal driving”

Mode 2: “Working operation” – Power is reduced via the secondary downforce. Mode 1: In “normal driving mode” the PTO powertrain is switched off, the transmission between the diesel engine and the main transmission in the VPD transmission is set to 1.0. You drive and switch like a vehicle without a VPD gearbox. Mode 2: In “working mode” the diesel engine is controlled to the desired speed for the connection of the secondary downforce and the PTO coupling is closed. In the VPD transmission, the change in the diesel speed can be compensated within the limits of the existing power limits, the drive remains functional even after the secondary downforce has been switched on. After connecting the secondary consumers, the diesel engine is accelerated to the desired speed. Auxiliary units such as pumps or blowers run in the desired operating areas.

Electronic control.
From the time the secondary consumers are switched on and the diesel speed is set to a desired value, the electronic control of the VPD transmission takes control of the transmission between the diesel engine and the input shaft of the traction drive. The driver only sets the target speed via the accelerator pedal or cruise control.

Grinding and wear-free.
The VPD transmission adjusts the speed to the drive according to the target value – wear-free without the use of grinding couplings. The driving speed can thus be permanently adjusted to the required conditions without the risk of overheating.

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