The construction of prototypes, according to all the rules of engineering, is divided into several phases. The very first prototype parts are often made “from the full”, as no tools make sense yet.

Only with increasing maturity of development do our specialists go into casting and machining tools to also solve challenges such as weight, strength, stiffness … until the subsequent technical feasibility is secured.

As a rule, a realization phase begins with two to three sample drives, which are subjected to initial tests as described in “Validation”. This is followed by a defined number of “pre-series transmissions” that are already very close to the later end product.

Last but not least, in a larger so-called “start-up series”, the final finishing touches to the future innovative stepless gearbox will be applied.

We create reproducible, resilient results, we improve, we document – this is what high-tech in transmission construction already looks like at VDS.

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