Product: Reduction gearbox

The starting point is always the high e-machine speed and the gap to the required input speed on the drive axles. We are talking about more than 7,000 rpm on the engine shaft.

The eGB series from VDS bridges the gap between these two contrasting realities – the reduction gears already available today cover transmission ranges from 2.1 to 3.1 and input torques from 450 Nm to 1,100 Nm. Further developments are ongoing.

The low weight of the VDS transmissions – only 42 kg to 57 kg – additionally underpin the obvious features such as lowest noise levels, integrated safety brake, wear-free and simplest maintenance, in case of lifetime expectations, the significantly exceed those of the vehicle.

e GB – Reduction Gearboxes electric / reduction gearbox electric.

Product Input Power Applications
eGB650 up to 160 kW Small van, bus
eGB1100 up to 240 kW Small van, bus

e GB650 – Reduction gearbox electric

Nominal value Maximum
Input speed 3000 rpm 7500 rpm
Input torque 450 Nm 650 Nm
Inputpower 140 kW 160 kW
Transmission ratio 2,1
Dry weight 42 kg

e GB1100 – Reduction gearbox electric

Nominal value Maximum
Input speed 2400 rpm 7500 rpm
Input torque 650 Nm 1100 Nm
Inputpower 160 kW 240 kW
Transmission ratio 3,1
Dry weight 57 kg

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