VDS is your partner throughout the entire creative cycle, from the idea, planning the production of continuous CVT/IVT transmissions and components.

You rely on our creative spirit and you know that you have a partner at your side right up to series production who understands his business, has experience, and who has quality, safety and longevity both in the workshop and in the collaboration. All equally important.

Creative spirit and planning

Continuous drive systems combine know-how from mechanics, hydraulics, hydrostatics and electronics.

In a clever combination of these areas of knowledge, we create innovative, energy-efficient drive systems for you.

Creative spirit – we combine with passion!

Already in the early stages of development, we include all relevant areas in the design process in order to keep coordination times short and to create technically sophisticated and cost-effective products.


The idea alone is not enough! We modify and verify. Keyword: Optimum

3D model

2D production drawings

FE Calculations

Gearing calculations and tolerances

Electric plan

Lubrication circuit

Cooling concept

Assembly sequence

VDS - Creative spirit and energy

Together from planning your product to mass production

Our transmissions: continuous variable high-tech from the center of Europe


The construction of prototypes, according to all the rules of engineering, is divided into several phases. The very first prototype parts are often made “from scratch”, as no tools make sense yet. Continue reading…


We leave nothing to chance. Keyword: Force & Acceleration

Each transmission designed by VDS is subjected to experimental validation. The parts detailed in design are procured by VDS or the customer, assembled by VDS and documented in transmission forms – as well as the results of functional tests, endurance tests and vehicle tests.

We keep records. Keyword: Control

The assembly of transmissions or modules is documented at VDS in “transmission forms”:  Built-in parts are clearly defined with part number and quality characteristics, as well as setting data such as axial games, ventilation games, etc. are recorded. During control separations, the traces found on parts, wear values, etc. are recorded and documented in detail – the transmission form provides all test steps and results in a comprehensible way at first sight.

Mass production

We are your full-service partner for continuous transmissions. This continuous from the planning of your products to mass production.

We also take of the mass production of transmissions so that you can take care of your section. Plug and Play – no one knows our transmissions better than we do and our experience assures you the highest quality in the final product and maximum customer satisfaction.

In order to be able to offer you the series production of CVT/IVT transmissions at the highest level, we have founded VDS Driveline Gmbh, which is part of VDS Holding GmbH in addition to VDS Getriebe GmbH. Continue reading…

Customer support & after sales

We know how important good communication and cooperation are not only during the development and production process.

Our priority is the long-term development of partnerships where common goals are paramount. Like our gearboxes, we stand for quality, safety and a friction-free way into a common future.

Customer support and after sales build the foundation of our journey.



What our Customers say

With my new transmission, I have a better feeling and I feel safe even if I take my foot off the gas pedal.

A. W.


As a fleet manager, I have to pay attention to my costs. The transmissions need less maintainance and we have lower yearly  costs. Here I find the best solutions with manageable effort and an open ear at all times with the specialists of VDS.

R. G.

Head of Municipal Vehicles

Flexibility at it’s best! Where I drive, you need grip and you need to do it permanently and without any interruption of traction! If you are looking for special solutions, VDS is the right place!

T. R.

Off-road freak

“Plug and play” – as a planner for mass production of special vehicles, it is important to me to be able to offer my customers reliable and fast solutions. The CVT/IVT transmissions developed by VDS have been inspiring.

A. L.


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