Software development for transmission and vehicle control

Already at the time of the founding of VDS, we were convinced that we could only survive on the market if we could cover all areas of transmission development at the highest level.

The development of transmission and vehicle controls is therefore an important part of our offer to you.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Model-based software development
    • Vehicle control software
    • Gearbox control software
  • Software development for the test bench
    • Permanent test bench
    • Functional test benches
  • CAN Bus Analysis / Reverse Engineering
  • Display programming
  • Support in C, C++, C, CodeSys

tools used:

  • Mathworks MATLAB Simulink
  • Vector Informatik CANApe
  • VDS own software tools

We look forward to seeing if we can soon take over the development of transmission and vehicle control for your project.

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