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We leave nothing to chance. Keyword: Measurement replaces chance

Technical validation

Trial phase. Each gearbox designed by VDS is subjected to experimental validation. The parts detailed in the design are procured by VDS or the customer, assembled by VDS and documented in transmission passes – as well as the results of functional tests, endurance tests and vehicle tests.


From control to confirmation

Measurement. The determination of measurement data is a central topic at VDS. With state-of-the-art mobile measuring systems, real measurement data is recorded in vehicles and machines and later converted into test bench collectives. Afterwards, we use our measuring technology to monitor the test runs.

In real time, we also recognize every inconspicuous problem in the overall system and can take ad hoc measures in the development team that lead to improvements or troubleshooting as quickly as possible.


in continuous operation to the finish

Testing. The functional test examines technical requirements such as hydraulic oil supply of a gearbox, lubricating oil distribution, suction behavior or inclination effects, cooling and frictional behaviour. In continuous running, components are tested for their lifetime requirements in static and dynamic tests. In the vehicle test, the transmission functions are evaluated with measurements, possible improvements are incorporated into new software versions.

Our employees in experimental and measurement technology, trained in mechatronics and/or mechanical engineering, are characterized by professional training, creative spirit, creativity and boundless enthusiasm for the task. Loyalty, highest motivation, broad competence and unconditional team spirit complete the profiles.

They have many years of experience in the experimental testing and optimization of stepless drives for agricultural machinery, construction machinery and a wide range of machines.

Through it, VDS promises TOP results and satisfied customers.


    We keep records. Keyword: Control

    On the test bench. Each VDS gearbox is made with care. We also carefully test the powertrain before we start production. On our test benches we test function, static and dynamic load capacity, service life, aging and wear behaviour. So that requirement and reality coincide.
    Our tools are test benches for:

    • Functional testing at component and assembly level (sensors, actuators, valves, hydraulic compensators, electrical components,…)
    • Functional testing of complete gearboxes
    • Test benches for extreme loads – break of violence
    • Test benches for continuous testing under variable loads

    Please pass the documentation


    The assembly of gearboxes or assemblies is documented at VDS in “gearbox passes”: Built-in parts are clearly defined with part number and quality characteristics, as well as setting data such as axial games, ventilation games, etc. are recorded. During control separations, the traces of use found on parts, wear values, etc. are recorded and documented in detail – the transmission pass provides all test steps and results in a comprehensible way at a glance.


    Our tools
    • imc CS-7008-1
    • Temperature measurement modules
    • imc FAMOS Signal Processing


    Measurable sizes:
    • Strains with DMS
    • Energy
    • Torque
    • Rotation speed
    • Distance
    • Acceleration
    • Speed
    • Swing frequency, and more

    Planned for the toughest use

    Functional tests

    We check oil supply, inclination, low temperature, drag torque and efficiency.

    Oil supply and lubrication tests

    • Lubricating oil circuit (pressure, temperature and quantity measurement)
    • System oil circuit (pressure, temperature and quantity measurement)
    • Lubrication tests

    Degree of efficiency measurements:

    • Measurement of input and output moments
    • Measurement of input and output moments
    • Determination of efficiency
    • Measuring the towing losses at the gearbox input

    Swing test bench – Testing vehicles

    • Clamping grate 6 m x 1.7 m
    • Testing of gearbox functions under different inclinations up to a maximum of 45 ° into all directions possible
    • Testing of all vehicle functions possible

    Swivel test bench – testing gearbox

    • Swivelling in all directions by 45°
    • Clamping grate 6 m x 1.7 m
    • Testing of transmission functions under load up to 150kW


    Low-temperature test

    • Testing of gearboxes switching functions at temperatures below 20 ° C
    • Measurement of drag moments at different speeds
    • Adjustment of the hydrostat unit
    • Testing suction behaviour and oil supply
    • Measurement of drag moments at different speeds
    • Adjustment of the axial piston pump and PTO connection

    Functional development software

    • Functional testing of gearbox controllers
    • Functional testing of vehicle controllers – controls for controlling the test bench as available in the vehicle

    3-machine test bench 250kW

    Testing options:

    • Max. Input moment:1000 Nm
    • Input speed: 500…3000 rpm
    • Max. Downforce moment VA:2500 Nm
    • Max. Downforce moment HA:2500 Nm
    • Output speed :0… 4000 rpm

    We test emergency situations. Keyword: test run

    Test bench device, functional tests, continuous testing, structural strength, breakage of force

    Continuous testing

    Dynamic load testing to verify durability and reliability by applying a rupeant application collective.

    3-machine test bench 90kW – fired operation

    Testing options:

    • Max. downforce moment HA right: 25,000 Nm
    • Max. downforce moment HA left: 25,000 Nm
    • Output speed : 0…150 rpm

    Structural strength

    The tests for component testing

    Structure test tractor hull – applying measurement technology

    • Applicing DMS measuring points on the test subject at defined positions (default of the VUcalculation)
    • Measurement of strains during testing with predetermined test program
    • Matching the results with the VU calculation
    • Optimization of components on the FE model

    Structure test tractor hull – different insertion of forces

    • Forces over front axle twisting the tractor hull
    • Forces over front lift
    • Forces over front axle longitudinal load on to the rear axle

    Torsion test

    To the bitter end. Determination of static load limits up to the break in violence.

    Structure torsion test

    • Blocking downforce
    • Drive and measurement of the torsion at the gearbox input
    • Measurement of twists under load
    • Recording of a moment-twist ingestion characteristic
    • Load to breakage ->determination of the weak point in the power train

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