Engineering services

Planning and prototyping CVT/IVT gearboxes

At VDS we deliver theory and best practise in the develompent of CVT/IVT gearboxes. In close coordination with our customers, we develop advanced solutions, build prototypes, develop the software and have a test bench to test our developments under the toughest conditions for the series production.

We offer you both overall concepts and solutions for sub-areas:

Our planning department is at your disposal for your developments.


VDS Engineering Department what we do for you:

  • Concept
  • Transmission Layout
  • Detailed planning
  • Parts procurement for prototype
Dimensioning / Analysis
  • Calculation of components
    (gears, bearings, couplings)
  • Optimization in terms of noise, durability, cost, material, heat generation
  • Power calculation
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Prototyping
  • Optimization
Software development
  • Development of control software
  • Transmission software
  • Software for testing
Test / Validation
  • Functional and durability tests of components and system
  • Design of test scenarios
  • Vehicle tests
  • Data collection and analysis

In our house, the development department is located in the immediate vicinity of the workshops where prototypes are tested and functional tests are carried out. Short distances and a flat hierarchy offer you the assurance that knowledge is transported quickly, that planning and production go hand in hand and that the findings from series production are taken into account directly in the planning department.

Engineering for hybrid drive systems

Development of e-Mobility Gearbox

Simply electrifying – keyword: eMobility

The motive:

VDS Getriebe GmbH does not follow market trends, but sets new innovative standards itself – with the entry into the eMobility world, our experienced team once again underpins its leadership claim in drive technology.

Replacing the internal combustion engine with an electric machine alone is far from sufficient to set a new milestone in the emission-free movement of vehicles. On the contrary, engineers face additional and other challenges. On the one hand, the high torque offered by an electric motor at the lowest speeds distinguishes this new technology in particular compared to a diesel or gasoline engine. On the other hand, however, the high speeds of the drive shaft present completely new challenges to an overall e-drive concept.

Our development engineers were happy to meet these challenges. The result is a series of series-ready transmissions, which are available today at VDS Getriebe GmbH and solve every task from the special framework conditions of an edrive concept.

As usual, VDS stands for absolute reliability, lightweight construction, robustness and maximum energy efficiency at marketable costs!

We are happy to prove this at any time in specific customer projects – and where there is no 100% FIT to the requirements in our modular system, we offer uncomplicated customizing until our transmission solution provides the perfect symbiosis between e-machine and drive wheels.




The principle:

eGB – electrical gear Box:

The starting point is always the high e-machine speed and the speed difference to the required input speed on the drive axles. We are talking about more than 7,000 rpm on the engine shaft.

The eGB series of VDS Getriebe GmbH bridges the gap between these two contrasting realities – the reduction gears already available today cover transmission ranges from 2.1 to 3.1 and input torques from 450 Nm to 1,100 Nm. Further developments beyond this are already underway.

The low weight of our gearboxes – only 42 kg to 57 kg – additionally underpin the obvious features such as lowest noise, integrated safety brake, wear-free and simplest maintenance, in case of lifetime expectations, the significantly exceed those of the vehicle.





eAD – electric axle drive:

The starting point is also the high e-machine speed and the speed difference to the required speed on the drive wheels themselves, so the challenge is once again significantly extended by the axle differential. The motor shaft even rotates over 12,000 rpm and thus represents another task that needs to be solved.

The eAD series of VDS Getriebe GmbH gives all the answers here. The axle transmissions already available today cover transmission ranges from 12.5 to 24.8 and input torques from 100 Nm to 340 Nm. Further developments are also already underway.

Operating weights from 49 kg to currently 58 kg confirm the lightweight claim. We have also integrated a differential module into this series. This means that the most important functions between the electric machine and the drive wheels are available in a single compact and highly efficient unit.

We were able to ensure the advantages and features of the eGB series (lowest noise generation, integrated safety brake, wear-free and simplest maintenance, highest service life expectations …).





Technical description:


The eGB and eAD transmission series cover a wide range of requirements in terms of input speeds, input power and torque, as well as transmission ratios and output speeds.

The eAD series also includes an integrated differential unit, which can also be equipped with a locking function on request.

The gearbox construction is optimally designed in terms of robustness and functionality, in addition to a multifunctional main housing, the end cover covers the entire outer unit. High-quality aluminium casting was deliberately used as a housing material to withstand the enormous loads in driving mode. High-strength steels in top quality can be found inside the gearboxes, whereby the toothing in polished design has a particularly high overlap in order to reduce the acoustic emissions to a minimum.

Six benefits. One mission.

VDS is your partner in the entire creative cycle. The planning to the serial production of the CVT/IVT continuous transmission is all involved.

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