We have integrated our activities into the business units “Development – Engineering” and “Serial Delivery of Parts, Assemblies and Gearboxes” in the two companies VDS Getriebe GmbH. and VDS Driveline GmbH .

Dipl.-Ing. Gerhard Hörman

CEO, VDS Driveline GmbH

The company VDS Getriebe GmbH, which has been in existence and well-known for 10 years, will continue to focus on engineering services and on the development of transmissions and complete drive systems.

The newly founded company VDS Driveline GmbH is now ready for the standard production and delivery of our products. The focus is on assembly and delivery of series transmissions and transmission modules for niche applications and requirements up to 500 units per year or more. In this way, we want to create a further basis in order to be able to offer our customers a long-term successful cooperation.

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