Our engineers demonstrate creative spirit and our production proves its vigour: numerous patents consolidate our place at the technological top of the world in the planning and construction of CVT/IVT drive systems. Our product range is specially designed for use in vehicles where the highest quality, safety, low wear and maximum traction are required.

Commercial vehicle and emergency vehicle manufacturers around the world trust our expertise and implement transmissions from VDS Driveline GmbH.

Advantages at a glance:

  • High efficiency
  • low Maintenance
  • No wearing components
  • Longevity
  • Safety
  • Traction
  • Mobility in the most difficult terrain
  • Easy to use

Product group VPT (Variable Twin Planet)

the workhorse: continuous transmissions for commercial vehicles, municipal vehicles, agricultural commercial vehicles and off-road enthusiasts

to the VTP products

Variable Twin Planet / VTP product family

Drive safely, maintain function. Keyword: practice.

Variety for small series. Thanks to its modular design, availability in several sizes and combinability with different variators, VTP transmissions can also be offered for small quantities at reasonable costs.

The big lot for small lot sizes.

The perfect gearbox for…

  • Tractors
  • municipal commercial vehicles
  • Telehandler
  • Backhoe
  • Loader
  • Machinery
  • Forestry machines

AEBI. In 2012, the AEBI Schmidt Group was the first vehicle with a VTP transmission to present the AEBI VT450 Vario transporter at the Agrama trade fair in Bern. The ease of use and functionality of the innovative VTP drive system convinces even in extreme operating conditions.

The AEBI Transporter was able to win the title “Tractor of the Year 2014” in the class of special tractors.


Revelation Off-Road

Test in the off-road. VDS equips Land Rover Defender with the VTP450 CVT transmission. The “Off-road vehicle” project demonstrates the highest level of functionality, mobility and safety in challenging driving situations.

“I was impressed by the ease of use in extreme terrain. Go off the gas and the vehicle stops, whether uphill or downhill. Simultaneous coupling, braking and shifting are a thing of the past.”


Landini/McCormick. At EIMA 2014 in Bologna, the Power Mondial tractor from Landini/McCormick with VTP transmission was presented.

Product group VPD (Variable Power Divider)

Variable Power Divider modules between engine and automatic or synchrosplit gearbox for municipal vehicles and road cleaning machines

to the VPD products

Variable Power Divider / VPD Product Family

Each performance class is a class of its own.
Keyword: challenge.

The VPD transmission is ideal for municipal applications and sweeping and cleaning vehicles, where the use of equipment in combination with controlled driving is a particular challenge. Other special vehicles and applications are available when the following challenges arise:

  • Maximum available power for the equipment
  • Driving speed infinitely adjustable regardless of engine speed and equipment drive

Then our solution is “VPD”


The motive.
Speedometer, speed, clutch, circuit. With conventional gearboxes, the travel speed, gear level and engine speed are coupled. We were looking for solutions to adjust the speed without taking into account the speed – and switched quickly: VPD. Transforms gear-shifted drives into a stepless system.

The principle.
VPD is a hydrostatic mechanical power branching gearbox. It is installed between the diesel engine and conventional manual or automatic transmission and splits the drive power into secondary downforce and traction drive. The secondary output can be coupled to the speed of the input shaft via a switchable clutch, the output to the transmission in the overlay system can be adjusted steplessly and without wear losses due to friction clutches.

The advantage.
VPD drivers can adjust their speed anytime and immediately, regardless of engine speed. The ideal solution for municipal and cleaning vehicles, airport fire trucks as well as many other special vehicles and applications.

Powerpacks (motor and gearbox)

to the Powerpacks


All in One

Our power packs offer you a perfectly matched drive set: engine and transmission from a single source.

The advantages.

For you as a user, there are a number of advantages, here only the most important:

  • Free choice of incinerator from well-known manufacturers
  • No adjustment expenses – VDS takes care of the interfaces, the flange, the central shaft, etc.
  • Control software for engine and transmission ready to drive on state-of-the-art technological level
  • Cooling package for engine and gearbox included
  • An intelligent intermediate flange solution guarantees suitable connection dimensions for the respective VKM
  • The combination of cost-optimized price-performance ratio

eMobility solutions

to the eMobility products...

eMobility transmission family

On the rise.

The motive. VDS sets new innovative standards – with the entry into the eMobility world, our experienced team once again underpins its leadership claim.

The advantages.

The innovative solutions of the VDS-eMotion series offer customers and vehicle users a whole range of technical and economic advantages:

Above all, the outstanding energy efficiency must be pointed out here – minimum points of contact on the components with the lowest friction torques, highly efficient minimum volume lubrication, state-of-the-art smooth-running gear oils and bearing the shafts in extreme smooth-running tapered roller bearings from the market leader – all this underlines the benchmark ingenuour of these VDS products.

Our engineers ensure maximum weight advantages through robust minimum wall thicknesses on the housing parts, targeted calculation-supported ribs, slim construction of the gears, hollow shaft design and optimum material selection for cast and steel.

We achieve the minimum noise of the eGear series on the one hand by ground gears with high overload, along with almost friction-free bearing and on the other hand by the design of the gearbox housings.

The topic of functional safety in operation is also at the top of VDS’ list of priorities, which is why we also offer an integrated safety brake in our transmission solutions upon customer request.

Ultimately, we offer our customers a true complete module with the eAD transmission series, which covers all challenges between the electric machine and the drive wheels.

The exceptional service friendliness of the VDS transmissions provides the right answer to the reality of driving – who really guarantees the regular execution of transmission oil changes for a 100% – so our products not only have excellent emergency running characteristics, but also the maintenance intervals are generously dimensioned.

Ultimately, the eTransmissions of the VDS were successfully subjected to extensive and long functional and service life tests under the highest load profiles, thus giving customers maximum safety.

Functional units and modules

to the functional units...

Functional units and modules

The art of engineering in detail

In addition to transmissions, we also offer our customers individual components, assemblies or functional modules, always in connection with drive solutions.

The advantages.

  • Each component is developed in the VDS think-tank by our experts and therefore already carries the genes of state-of-the-art stepless drive technology in each of its molecules.
  • Our production capacities are geared towards the smallest quantities, keyword “lot size 1”.
  • Every product is put through its paces, from the most inconspicuous valve to the highly complex gerotor pump – we test every marginal feature with our self-developed test bench.
  • Our credo is: “VDS frees quality from chance”



Young and dynamic

“What sets us apart from many other companies and design offices is the development of mobile prototypes.”

Gerhard Hörmann

CEO VDS Driveline GmbH

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